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var devsync = require("devsync")

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devsync v0.3.0

Syncing npm modules while development


Sync your own npm library directly into the package which depends on it. If you're a publisher of libraries on npm, yes, devsync has been made for you!


Use case

Devsync might be useful in such a case:

  • You have a main application your-app
  • your-app has a dependency to your-library
  • Adds features, or fixes bug on your-library
  • Needs to update your-library in your-app locally, without git push or npm publish


$ npm install -g cognitom/devsync

After some updates and reviews, we'll publish to npm, soon. Then,

$ npm install -g devsync


Go to your-library directory and run devsync:

$ cd ~/Git/your-library
$ devsync

The example above assumes that you have a directory structure like this:

  • ~/Git/your-app: Your main application
  • ~/Git/your-library: Your library internally used in your-app

If you're working on the project at Desktop, you could devsync like this:

$ cd ~/Git/your-library
$ devsync -t ~/Desktop/your-temporary-project

To watch and automatically devsync, -w flag would be useful:

$ cd ~/Git/your-library
$ devsync -w

CLI options

--target / -t

--cwd / -c

--watch / -w

JavaScript API

  devsync = require('devsync')

  cwd: 'path/to/your-library',
  target: 'path/to/your-app'
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