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var devtoolsDetect = require("devtools-detect")

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devtools-detect v3.0.0

Detect if DevTools is open and its orientation


Detect if DevTools is open and its orientation

Useful for when you want something special to happen when DevTools is open. Like pausing canvas, adding style debug info, etc.



$ npm install devtools-detect


<script src="node_modules/devtools-detect/index.js"></script>
<script type="module">
    // Check if it's open
    console.log('Is DevTools open:', window.devtools.isOpen);

    // Check it's orientation, `undefined` if not open
    console.log('DevTools orientation:', window.devtools.orientation);

    // Get notified when it's opened/closed or orientation changes
    window.addEventListener('devtoolschange', event => {
        console.log('Is DevTools open:', event.detail.isOpen);
        console.log('DevTools orientation:', event.detail.orientation);


  • Chrome DevTools
  • Safari DevTools
  • Firefox DevTools
  • Opera DevTools


Doesn't work if DevTools is undocked and will show false positive if you toggle any kind of sidebar.


MIT © Sindre Sorhus


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