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di-ioc v1.8.2

Node.js dependency injection.


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Dependency injection.


npm install --save di-ioc



module.exports = require('di-ioc').create()

// Start defining a `random` service:
.define('random', function () {
  var pseudoRandomBytes = require('crypto').pseudoRandomBytes;

  // The `random` service has one function:
  return {
    base64: function () {
      return pseudoRandomBytes(20).toString('base64');


module.exports = require('di-ioc').create()

// Greeting service which uses the random service: (arguments are detected)
.define('greet', function (random) {
  return function (name) {
    console.log('Hello ' + name + '! Here is a random string: ' + random.base64());


module.exports = require('di-ioc').create(require)


var randomService = module.exports.util.random;

// eQ/NZnl7qusVN9hB/3nCn3wFKfY=

// Hello World! Here is a random string: dfLGC20CpCJxAZSu+uFp57dlJl0=;


  • Export to a standard object which automatically initialises dependencies as needed. This is the object .init() creates.
  • Enforce that dependency graph divides into layers. For example, nothing in the 'util' submodule can depend on services in the 'app' submodule, due to the order of definition.
  • Nest components in to hierarchial modules and folders.
  • Instantiate one sub-tree of the hierarchy for testing.
  • Instantiate objects with injected dependencies for unit testing.
  • Define transient objects, using require('di-ioc').create().transient('serviceName', ...);.


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