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var diffsyncCouchdb = require("diffsync-couchdb")

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diffsync-couchdb v1.0.0

A CouchDB data adapter for diffsync


A CouchDB data adapter for diffsync


The CouchDB adapter needs a reference to a database object to write to. This database object is expected to have a cradle-like interface. For reading, it uses get(id, callback) and for writing it uses save(id, doc._rev, data, callback).

  var CouchDBDataAdapter = require('diffsync-couchdb'),
      cradle             = require('cradle'),
      diffsync           = require('diffsync'),

      couchDbAdapter, database, server;

  // set up your CouchDB driver (cradle or cradle-compatible)
  // (...)

  // create a database object
  database = (new cradle.Connection()).database(databaseName)

  // pass it on to the adapter
  couchDbAdapter = new CouchDBDataAdapter(database);

  // pass the adapter to diffsync
  server = new diffsync.Server(couchDbAdapter, socketIO);

This adapter assumes that while a document is being edited with diffsync, there is no other manipulating it. Which means, this adapter always overrides the latest version from your database with the latest version from diffsync.


For a more complete example, check out diffsync-todos.


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