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var dimensionist = require("dimensionist")

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dimensionist v1.2.1

CouchDB daemon to extract dimensions from image attachments.


CouchDB daemon to extract dimensions from image attachments.


Dimensionist can be used as os_daemon and from the command line.

When Dimensionist finds an image it will extract the dimensions (http-image-size) and populate a dimensions property:

   "_id": "project/adlershof/project-image/medium/3",
   "_rev": "4-6090bde74e3c3c47de8c9a87c916ff77",
   "dimensions": {
       "wall.jpg": {
           "height": 960,
           "width": 1440,
           "revpos": 3
   "_attachments": {
       "wall.jpg": {
           "content_type": "image/jpeg",
           "revpos": 3,
           "digest": "md5-5TKLg1pF9+vV2eAL/7hmkw==",
           "length": 219420,
           "stub": true

Currently JPEG, PNG and GIF images are supported.


npm install -g dimensionist


dimensionist --blacklist _users,_replicator


Add Dimensionist to os_daemons config section (eg. in local.ini):

dimensionist = dimensionist
; Optional username and password, used by the workers to access the database
username = mein-user
password = secure
; Only documents in the databases below are processed (separate with comma).
; Regular expressions are allowed:
;whitelist = mydb,otherdb,/^special-.*/
; Ignore the following databases (again comma separated list)
; Regular expressions are again allowed:
blacklist = /^_/


Copyright (c) 2014 Johannes J. Schmidt, null2 GmbH
Licensed under the MIT license.

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