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var distributedGameOfLife = require("distributed-game-of-life")

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distributed-game-of-life v1.0.0

GOL(game of life) done in distributed manner


Run your js in multithreaded!. Harness up to 100% CPU power. GOL done in distributed manner,


Install node and npm, node-gyp, bower and git, then:

npm i --save gol npm start and wait till 10 workers will do the job

change first line of index.js to use 2 workers and observe that it takes twice more time to calculate the world

##Benchmark of calculations of game of life

10 workes
vs 100times x 2xrecalculate x 100xpartsOfWolrd
1: 6617ms
1: 5957ms
1: 5870ms
1 worker (single thread)
vs 100times x 2xrecalculate x 100xpartsOfWolrd
1: 22223ms
1: 23846ms
1: 24604ms


generally on 4 actual cores one can expect speedup of 3.9 times


Change first line from 10 to 2 workers and run the script

you know the drill

    git clone
    npm install
    node index.js
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