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var dodge = require("dodge")

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dodge v0.6.2

An API client for Foursquare's Venues Service


An API client for Foursquare's Venues Service.


npm install dodge --save


Register your app with the Foursquare API to recieve a Client ID and Client Secret.

var Dodge, client, apiOptions;

Dodge = require('dodge');

client = new Dodge({
  clientId: 'four',
  clientSecret: 'square'

/* varies by endpoint; refer to Foursquare documentation */
apiOptions = {
  categoryId: '4bf58dd8d48988d122941735',
  intent: 'browse',
  near: 'Chicago, IL'
}, function(err, venues){
  /* do something */


Dodge supports endpoints that are part of Foursquare's Venues Service and do not require user authentication.

General Endpoints

EndpointDescription (link to API documentation)Supported?
venues/categoriesVenue CategoriesYes :white_check_mark:
venues/exploreExplore Recommended and Popular VenuesNot Yet :x:
venues/searchSearch VenuesYes :white_check_mark:
venues/suggestcompletionSuggest Completion VenuesYes :white_check_mark:
venues/trendingTrending VenuesNot Yet :x:

Venue-specific Endpoints

EndpointDescription (link to API documentation)Supported?
venues/<venue>Venue DetailsYes :white_check_mark:
venues/<venue>/eventsVenue EventsYes :white_check_mark:
venues/<venue>/hoursVenue HoursYes :white_check_mark:
venues/<venue>/likesUsers who have liked a venueYes :white_check_mark:
venues/<venue>/linksLinks For a VenueYes :white_check_mark:
venues/<venue>/listedListsYes1 :white_check_mark:
venues/<venue>/menuVenue MenuYes :white_check_mark:
venues/<venue>/nextvenuesNext VenuesYes :white_check_mark:
venues/<venue>/photosPhotos from a VenueYes2 :white_check_mark:
venues/<venue>/tipsTips from a VenueYes :white_check_mark:

1: Does not accept a group parameter. Only others is supported without an acting user, so that parameter is passed by the library.

2: Supported group parameters: none or venue (checkin require an acting user, which is not supported.)

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