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var dottedMap = require("dotted-map")

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dotted-map v1.2.2

Create a SVG map filled with dots for the world or countries

npm version


You can limit to one (or several) countries (France, Italy, UK)


Requires NodeJS ≥ 13.

npm i dotted-map


const fs = require('fs');
const DottedMap = require('dotted-map');

const map = new DottedMap({ height: 60, grid: 'diagonal' });

map.addPin({ lat: 40.73061, lng: -73.935242, svgOptions: { color: '#d6ff79', radius: 0.4 } });
map.addPin({ lat: 48.8534, lng: 2.3488, svgOptions: { color: '#fffcf2', radius: 0.4 } });

const svgMap = map.getSVG({ radius: 0.22, color: '#423B38', shape: 'circle', backgroundColor: '#020300' });

fs.writeFileSync('./map.svg', svgMap);

Note: if you use a large number of points (height or width ≥ 100), it may take a bit of time to compute the map (from 1 to 30 seconds depending on your device and number of points). This is why the result grid is cached. If you don't change the parameters of new DottedMap, the next maps will be a lot faster to generate. You can however change the pins and the SVG options.


// Create the map
const map = new DottedMap({
  width, // just specify either height or width, so the ratio of the map is correct
  countries: ['FRA'] // look into `countries.geo.json` to see which keys to use. You can also omit this parameter and the whole world will be used
  region: { lat: { min, max }, lng: { min, max } }, // if not present, it will fit the countries (and if no country is specified, the whole world)
  grid: 'vertical' | 'diagonal', // how points should be aligned

// Add some points/change the color of existing points
  svgOptions: { color, radius },
  data, // whatever you want, useful if you use the method `getPoints` to get the raw points

// If you want to get the raw array of points
// [{ x, y, data, svgOptions }]

// Or use this method to get a string which is a SVG
  shape: 'circle' | 'hexagon', // if you use hexagon, prefer the grid `diagonal`
  backgroundColor, // background color of the map
  color, // default color of the points
  radius: 0.5, // default radius of the points
// <svg><circle … /><circle …></svg>


Countries are from


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