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var drachtioMwAuthParser = require("drachtio-mw-auth-parser")

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drachtio-mw-auth-parser v0.1.0

drachtio middleware for parsing SIP Authorization header

drachtio-mw-auth-parser Build Status NPM version

drachtio middleware for parsing SIP Authorization header, supporting Digest and Basic authorization


const Srf = require('drachtio-srf');
const srf = new Srf();
const authParser = require('drachtio-mw-auth-parser') ;

srf.connect({...}) ;

srf.use(authParser) ;

srf.register(( req, res ) => {
  console.log(req.authorization) ;
    Digest: username="103482",realm="",nonce="df24fd41-4fc5-416f-b163-90f774ca0358" \
      uri="sip:",algorithm=MD5,response="a4881ad854cc0677158206ac9fa90e3b", \

    console.log =>
      scheme: 'digest',
      username: '103482',
      realm: '',
      nonce: 'df24fd41-4fc5-416f-b163-90f774ca0358',
      uri: 'sip:',
      algorithm: 'MD5',
      response: 'a4881ad854cc0677158206ac9fa90e3b',
      qop: 'auth',
      nc: '00000032',
      cnonce: 'ea5cec20'
}) ;
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