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var dropboxify = require("dropboxify")

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dropboxify v2.0.2

Read directory content from dropbox with file attributes

Dropboxify License NPM version Dependency Status Build Status Coverage Status

Read directory content from dropbox compatible way with readify.


npm i dropboxify


dropboxify(token, dir[, options])

  • token - string generated access token
  • options - object can contain:
    • sort - sort by: name, size, date
    • order - "asc" or "desc" for ascending and descending order (default: "asc")
    • type - when "raw" returns not formatted result


const sort = 'size';
const order = 'desc';
const token = 'token';
const dir = '/';
const type = 'raw';

const files = await dropboxify(token, dir, {type, sort, order});
// outputs
    path: "/",
    files: [{
        name: 'dropboxify.js',
        size: 4735,
        date: 1377248899000,
        owner: 0,
        mode: 0
    }, {
        name: 'readify.js',
        size: 3735,
        date: 1377248899000,
        owner: 0,
        mode: 0


  • Sortify - sort directory content by name, size, date
  • Readify - read directory content with file attributes: size, date, owner, mode



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