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var dualListbox = require("dual-listbox")

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dual-listbox v1.3.0

Dual listbox for multi-select elements

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Dual Listbox

Make your multi select pretty and easy to use with only javascript. No other frameworks/libraries required.

Styling. (From the stylesheet that can be found in the dist folder)


with selected options and one option highlighted.



Install with npm

$ npm i dual-listbox --save


<script src=""></script>
<link href="">

<!-- for pinned version -->
<script src=""></script>
<link href="">


let dualListbox = new DualListbox('select'); // Selects the first selectbox on the page.
let dualListbox = new DualListbox('.select'); // Selects the first element with the class 'select'
let dualListbox = new DualListbox('#select'); // Selects the first element with the id 'select'

let select = document.querySelector('#select');
let dualListbox = new DualListbox(select); // Add a HTMLElement

You can also pass some options to the DualListbox

let dualListbox = new DualListbox('#select', {
    addEvent: function(value) { // Should use the event listeners
    removeEvent: function(value) { // Should use the event listeners
    availableTitle: 'Different title',
    selectedTitle: 'Different title',
    addButtonText: '>',
    removeButtonText: '<',
    addAllButtonText: '>>',
    removeAllButtonText: '<<',

    options: [
        {text:"Option 1", value: "OPTION1"},
        {text:"Option 2", value: "OPTION2"},
        {text:"Selected option", value: "OPTION3", selected:true}

dualListbox.addEventListener('added', function(event){
dualListbox.addEventListener('removed', function(event){

Try it online on JSFiddle.

Exposed elements

All the elements should be exposed. This way it should be possible to add custom attributes to the element of choice.

let dualListbox = new DualListbox('#select');

// Access the buttons:
dualListbox.add_button.setAttribute('a', 'a');
dualListbox.add_all_button.setAttribute('a', 'a');
dualListbox.remove_button.setAttribute('a', 'a');
dualListbox.remove_all_button.setAttribute('a', 'a');

// Access the search field:'some_class');

// Access the list containers:
dualListbox.selectedList.setAttribute('a', 'a');
dualListbox.availableList.setAttribute('a', 'a');


Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.


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