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var easyS3 = require("easy-s3")

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easy-s3 v1.0.0

Easy folder syncing to S3


Easy folder syncing to S3

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* [easy-s3](#easy-s-3) * [Usage](#usage) * [Commands](#commands)


```sh-session $ npm install -g easy-s3 $ easy-s3 COMMAND running command... $ easy-s3 (-v|--version|version) easy-s3/1.0.0 linux-x64 node-v10.6.0 $ easy-s3 --help [COMMAND] USAGE $ easy-s3 COMMAND ... ```


* [`easy-s3 help [COMMAND]`](#easy-s-3-help-command) * [`easy-s3 sync FROM TO`](#easy-s-3-sync-from-to)

easy-s3 help [COMMAND]

display help for easy-s3

  $ easy-s3 help [COMMAND]

  COMMAND  command to show help for

  --all  see all commands in CLI

See code: @oclif/plugin-help

easy-s3 sync FROM TO

sync a folder to s3

  $ easy-s3 sync FROM TO

  FROM  The local or S3 folder to sync from.
  TO    The local or S3 folder to sync to.

  -a, --acl=public-read|private    (required) [default: public-read] The access control list permissions to apply when

  -c, --profilesFile=profilesFile  (required) [default: /home/travis/.aws/credentials] AWS profiles file to be used.

  -h, --help                       show CLI help

  -m, --maxAge=maxAge              (required) [default: 86400] The maximum age to be applied to the `CacheControl`
                                   header for uploaded objects.

  -p, --profile=profile            (required) [default: default] AWS profile in the credentials file to be used.

  -r, --region=region              (required) [default: us-east-1] AWS region the S3 bucket is contained within.

  $ easy-s3 sync static s3://
  Uploading files...

See code: src/commands/sync.ts

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