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var ecQuoteWidgets = require("ec-quote-widgets")

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ec-quote-widgets v1.0.35

Place Single Quote with large quotemarks surrounding the quote. Includes multiple modes for quote displpay


An Apostrophe CMS module to provide a quote block for your content. A mandatory quote content region, along with two optional regions for an author name, a header and any other author information that may be important to include. Supports using multiple quotes as an array, with a configurable rotation speed and optional control buttons, and multiple preset styles which display information in different arrangements.



In order to use this module, you should have:

  • NPM
  • ApostropheCMS


From within your apostrophe project directory, run npm install --save ec-quote-widgets

Include widget in projects' app.js file:

  modules: {
    'ec-quote-widgets': {},
    // ... other modules



In css/variables.less, colors are assigned to variable names like this:

@quote_author_color3: #861f41;
@quote_author_color4: #6dc6e8;

These hex values can be edited without impacting the functionality. These values are used to configure the background and content colors of the quote.


Alt text


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details.

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