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eggtart v0.1.2

Delicious API node.js client


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Eggtart is a Delicious API node.js client.

This is handy when you want to use Delicious API service from a node.js application. Delicious API methods are available as Eggtart methods, e.g. is mapped to eggtart.posts().recent({ count: 8 }, cb); .

Tested with Delicious API v1.


npm install [-g] eggtart

or as a dependency in package.json file:

"dependencies": {
  "eggtart": "x.y.z"


var Eggtart = require('eggtart'),
  eggtart = new Eggtart('username', 'password');

Get recent bookmarks:

eggtart.posts().recent(function (err, result) {

Get bookmarks for specific tags:

eggtart.posts().get({ tag: 'sometag' }, function (err, result) {

Rename tag on all posts:

eggtart.tags().rename({ old: 'foo', new: 'bar' }, function (err, result) {

Fetch tag bundles:

eggtart.tagBundles().all(function (err, result) {

Check out Delicious API documentation for a complete list of available methods.

Eggtart also has a set of CLI commands.

Take screenshots of bookmarks having at least one tag within the specified comma-separated tag list:

eggtart -u user:pass screenshot --tags tag1,tag2,tag3

Delete bookmarks having at least a tag within the specified comma-separated tag list:

eggtart -u user:pass delete --tags tag1,tag2,tag3


Developer's Guide

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