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var eleventyXmlPlugin = require("eleventy-xml-plugin")

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eleventy-xml-plugin v0.1.0

Useful set of Liquid filters for XML files composition in Eleventy projects


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👩‍🔬 Useful set of Liquid filters for XML files composition in Eleventy projects.

This plugins automatically adds a set of filters that Jekyll adds to the already built-in ones in Liquid template language to help you compose XML files like RSS feeds or sitemaps.


# npm
npm i eleventy-xml-plugin --save

# yarn
yarn add eleventy-xml-plugin

Add plugin

Include it as a plugin in your Eleventy project.

// .eleventy.js
const xmlFiltersPlugin = require('eleventy-xml-plugin')

module.exports = function(eleventyConfig) {



Used in RSS feed as a valid publish date format.

<pubDate>{{ | 'date_to_rfc822' }}</pubDate>


Used in sitemaps as valid last modified date format.

<lastmod>{{ | 'date_to_xmlschema' }}</lastmod>


Used to safely escape HTML entities in XML files.

<title>{{ | 'xml_escape' }}</title>

This filter uses the html-entities package under-the-hood.


To contribute Node.js and yarn are required.

Before commit make sure to follow conventional commits specification and check all tests pass by running yarn test.

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