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This is a playground to test code. It runs a full Node.js environment and already has all of npm’s 400,000 packages pre-installed, including elm-ports-driver with all npm packages installed. Try it out:

var elmPortsDriver = require("elm-ports-driver")

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elm-ports-driver v2.1.3

Elm ports helper library

Elm Ports Driver

A combo of JavaScript code and Elm code to automate some of the JavaScript interop


  • add elm-ports-driver as a dependency npm install elm-ports-driver --save

  • install the elm-ports-driver elm package elm-package install pdamoc/elm-ports-driver

inside your Elm's project index.js (the app's entrypoint) use something like :

var elm_ports_driver = require( 'elm-ports-driver' ); // the actual driver

var Elm = require( '../../src/Main' );

var app = Elm.Main.fullscreen();

// custom plugin for the elm_ports_driver. 
var custom = 
    { "MyLog": function(input, payload) { console.log("MyLog: ", payload)}

elm_ports_driver.install(app.ports.output, app.ports.input,
     [ elm_ports_driver.file_reader
     , elm_ports_driver.log
     , elm_ports_driver.set_title
     , elm_ports_driver.update_css
     , elm_ports_driver.local_storage
     , elm_ports_driver.local_storage_listener
     , custom

You can use only the plugins you need.

Inside your Main Elm file create a configuration record that holds your app's input and output ports as well as a message generator for the messages that are unrecognized. If you receive messages from JavaScript make sure you subscrible using the provided decoders.

config : Config Msg
config =
    { output = Ports.output
    , input = Ports.input
    , fail = Fail

subscriptions : Model -> Sub Msg
subscriptions _ =
    PortsDriver.subscriptions config
        [ PortsDriver.receiveFileAsDataURL ReceiveFile
        , PortsDriver.receiveLocalStorageItem ReceiveStorageItem
        , PortsDriver.receiveLocalStorageChange ReceiveStorageItem

        -- handler for the custom event listener installed in JS
        , PortsDriver.inputDecoder "WindowResize" ( Resize windowResizeDecoder)

Please see the example folder for a full example. (Inside the example folder run npm start)

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