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eloc v1.3.0

1MB cli for markdown presentation authoring


npm version Install size License

Eloquence cli. For presenters who (1) focus on writing, (2) present in a concise style.

  • Serve markdown as presentation
  • Live editor
  • Static export
  • Print view / Mobile view / Dark mode
  • Customizable with web standard

All of this in a 1MB cli. Check out

Presentation in Markdown ABC

Break markdown into slides with --- (horizontal rule), and that's all. e.g.

# Hello World
Brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
## Thanks

then eloc gives you:


npm install -g eloc


  eloc - Eloquence cli


    $ eloc <markdown-file>        Serve markdown file as presentation
    $ eloc open <markdown-file>   Open markdown file as presention in browser
    $ eloc build <markdown-file>  Export presentation to directory


    -p, --port <number>     Port (default: 3000)
    -c, --css <file>        External css for customization
    -i, --include <globs>   Files for referencing in markdown
    -o, --out-dir <dir>     Output directory for build (default: public)
    -t, --title <string>    HTML title (default: <markdown-filename>)
    -b, --progress-bar      Enable progress bar

    -q, --quiet             Mute verbose logs
    -v, --version           Display version number
    -h, --help              Display usage information


    # Serve "" as presentation
    $ eloc

    # Create & open "" as presentation in browser
    $ eloc open

    # Export presentation with images
    $ eloc build --include "*.jpg"

Customization & Tips

  • Use --css arg with an external stylesheet, which will be applied on every slide.

  • Use inline <style /> for per-slide customization:

    _write style tag within markdown_
      .slide { background: url(...) }
      .content { filter: invert() }
      code { opacity: 0.8 }
  • is your friend for embedding math equations.

Deploy to now

in 1 minute.

Assume you alread had an wrote with eloc open, then:

echo '{"scripts":"build":"eloc build"}}' > package.json
echo '.now\nnode_modules' > .gitignore
npm i -D eloc
now -c --prod

See Also

Prior Art

  • mdx-deck - If you want to enhance slides with React, this is the one.
  • - Beautiful and powerful, the final choice for full featured presentation.


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