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var emailProvider = require("email-provider")

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email-provider v1.0.1

Detect email provider by email address

Email provider service detector

Detect Provider's Service name by email address -> { name: 'Gmail', url: '' } -> { name: 'Яндекс', url: '' }

How it words

  1. Fetching DNS MX records for email address
  2. Find MX host at the free email services datastore, collected by freemail
  3. Find Service product name by its hostname ( -> Gmail)



npm i --save email-provider


yarn add email-provider

Connect and call

const emailProvider = require('email-provider');

let email = '';

     .then( service => {
       console.log(; // Gmail
       console.log(service.url); //
     .catch( error => {
       console.log('Email provider was not reached:', error);
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