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var emberHexoBlog = require("ember-hexo-blog")

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ember-hexo-blog v0.0.3

The default blueprint for ember-cli addons.


Ember is sometimes used for fairly static sites. At the same domain as the application, you may want to host a blog. For blogs with multiple users or non-technical writers you may want to consider something like Ghost.

However if you want something that is more akin to a Middleman blog where you check in files, you may want to consider Hexo. Hexo is a blogging engine written in Node.js, and it uses Markdown files on disk to store content.

This addon allows you to put a Hexo blog in the blog/ folder of an Ember application.

Using this addon

Install this addon via the usual steps:

yarn add ember-hexo-blog --dev

Now create a new Hexo blog:

cd my-project/
yarn global add hexo-cli
hexo init blog

You likely want to open the file blog/_config.yml and add the directory /blog/ to the url and root settings:

root: /blog/

And you likely want to add the file _multiconfig.yml to the .gitignore file:

echo '_multiconfig.yml' >> blog/.gitignore

Now you can run ember serve and visit your blog at http://localhost:4200/blog/index.html.

Developing this addon


  • git clone <repository-url> this repository
  • cd ember-hexo-blog
  • yarn install


Running Tests

  • npm test
  • ember test
  • ember test --server


  • ember build

For more information on using ember-cli, visit


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