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ember-orientation v0.1.0

Idiomatically mobile device orientation changes in Ember.js


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Effortlessly respond to device orientation events and changes


  • ember-cli < 0.2.3 ember install:addon ember-orientation
  • ember-cli >= 0.2.3 ember install ember-orientation

Service: DeviceOrientation

Included in this addon is a service that emits events on orientation change...

let MyComponent = Ember.Component.extend({

  didInsertElement() {

    this.get('orientation').on('tilt', evt => {
      console.log(`alpha: ${evt.alpha}\tbeta: ${evt.beta}\tgamma: ${evt.gamma}`);


...and has properties with the latest orientation values that you can bind to

let MyComponent = Ember.Component.extend({
  alphaTiltAngle: Ember.computed.alias('orientation.alpha')

The service also has two methods to make the tilt data more easily consumable

  • transformationMatrix - a 9-length transformation matrix calculated from alpha, beta and gamma as follows: Rotation Matrix
  • normalVector - a 3-length unit vector normal to the screen of the device.

Mixin: DeviceOrientationAware

To make this service even easier to use, a mixin is included

import DeviceOrientationAware from 'ember-orientation/mixins/device-orientation-aware';

let MyComponent = Ember.Component.extend(DeviceOrientationAware, {

  // Fires whenever tilt exceeds "sensitivity"
  didTilt(evt) {
    let {alpha, beta, gamma} = evt;

  // A debounced version
  debouncedDidTilt(evt) {
    let {alpha, beta, gamma} = evt;

  // tiltAlpha, tiltBeta, tiltGamma properties are included
  transformStyle: Ember.computed('tiltAlpha', 'tiltBeta', 'tiltGamma', {
    get() {
      return `transform: rotateZ(${(this.get('tiltAlpha') - 180 )}deg) ` +
             `rotateX(${this.get('tiltBeta')}deg) ` +
             `rotateY(${- this.get('tiltGamma')}deg)`;


in your config/environment.js, you may configure some options

module.exports = function(environment) {
  var ENV = {
    orientationServiceDefaults: {
      debounceTimeout    : 50, // ms
      tiltAngleSensitivity: 1, // degrees
      injectionFactories : [ 'view', 'component']
  • debounceTimeout - Debounce time used for debouncedDidTilt hook
  • tiltAngleSensitivity - didTilt and debouncedDidTilt will only be called when tilt angle along any access is >= this value (in degrees)
  • injectionFactories - customize which types of objects the orientation service will be injected onto upon initialization


  • git clone this repository
  • npm install
  • bower install


  • ember server
  • Visit your app at http://localhost:4200.

Running Tests

  • ember test
  • ember test --server


  • ember build


    • Image Source: Opera developer docs

For more information on using ember-cli, visit


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