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var entintar = require("entintar")

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entintar v0.2.0

Filter which colorizes text, e.g. output from maven


This is a small tool to colorize and filter the verbose output of Maven or other unreadable text output.

The name?

'entintar' is Spanish and AKFAIK means something like ink or colorize. Colorizer was already used.


Usage: node ./bin/entintar [options]

  --encoding, -e  character-set of stdin input                 [default: "utf8"]
  --logfile       path/name of file where stdin is written to  [default: null]
  --color         colorize output (--no-color to disable)      [default: true]
  --rules         name of rule-set or path to rules.js         [default: "maven3"]
  --debug         output for easier debugging                  [default: false]
  --help, -h      show help and exit


In most cases it makes only sense to install entintar globally:

npm install entintar -g

Example Output

example output

Use with maven

You could use entintar by placing the filter after each call to mvn. Example:

mvn clean install -Pgf-redeploy | entintar

Of course this is cumbersome. You better find a way to alias your mvn command and let your shell append the call to the filter.


Place following lines in your ~/.bashrc:

mvn_colored() {
    $MAVEN_HOME/bin/mvn $* | entintar
    # $MAVEN_HOME/bin/mvn $* | entintar --logfile mvn.log
alias mvn=mvn_colored

If you want to run the maven command w/out coloring, then run

"mvn" ...

This will ignore the bash alias and directly run the mvn command.


TODO I don't have a Mac. @Apple, can you sponsor a MacBook to me, please? (Still waiting for an answer...)


TODO My Windows7 node installation (0.6.18) doesn't work in Cygwin. Probably some cygpath calls could solve the problem.


Out-of-the-box Windows lacks the support for alias like in bash. You have to fiddle around with DOSKEY, PowerShell and the like. Please tell me if you found a solution!

Some probably helpful Links:


You can easily extend this tool by providing a rules.js (see lib/rules/maven3.js for an example). If placed in the same directory, you can select the rules with the command line option --rules and the name w/out '.js'. It is also possible to place a rules file elsewhere and provide the full path to this file.


  • Write a real test (not just invoke the program)


MIT (see LICENSE file)

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