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var eosjsAccountName = require("eosjs-account-name")

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eosjs-account-name v2.1.1

eos name in string to uint64 and vice versa

Eosio name to uint64

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npm i eosjs-account-name
yarn add eosjs-account-name

From name to uint64

Here is how eosio account name is computed to uint64.


---- 6138663577826885632
---- 6138663587900751872
---- 6138663591592764928

From uint64 to name



Try on run-kit

const eosjsAccountName = require('eosjs-account-name');
const n = eosjsAccountName.nameToUint64('eosio');

console.log('eosio to uint64: ' + n);

console.log('uint64 to name: ' + eosjsAccountName.uint64ToName(n));

Parse symbol name


const { symbol, nameToUint64 } = require('eosjs-account-name');

 * cleos -u get scope eosio.token -t stat
const name = '........ehbo5';
const uint64 = nameToUint64(name);
const symbolName = symbol.toName(uint64);

// expect(symbolName).toEqual('EOS');

Note on random eosio name

In case you want to generate a random name, I suggest you use nanoid.

const generate = require('nanoid/generate');
const alphabet = '.12345abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz';
generate(alphabet, 12); //=> "nc4zs1yyg.jx"


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