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require("eslisp/package.json"); // eslisp is a peer dependency. var eslispFancyFunction = require("eslisp-fancy-function")

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eslisp-fancy-function v0.2.0

eslisp function macro with rest arguments and implicit return


An eslisp macro that works like an the usual lambda expression macro but also

  • parses splats (atoms starting with ...) in the arguments and turns them into appropriate variable assignments prepended to the function body, and
  • implicitly returns the last thing in the body if it's an expression.

Note that despite the name, this module is strictly a function expressions (lambda-ish) macro, not a function declaration. I'll rearrange that eventually.


(macro fun (require "eslisp-fancy-function"))
(fun (a b ...c d) (* a b d))

(function (a, b) {
    var c =, 2, -1);
    var d = arguments[arguments.length - 1];
    return a * (b * d);

See the tests for fuller usage.




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