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var estrangelaCal = require("estrangela-cal")

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estrangela-cal v1.0.6

Convert from Estrangela ASCII font to CAL code


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Convert from Estrangela ASCII font code to CAL code


In order to use this library, Node.js should be installed. Then run:

npm install estrangela-cal --save

Following bundles are available:

  • estrangela-cal.js - UMD ES5 version for use in browser, node, etc.
  • estrangela-cal.min.js - minified version of estrangela-cal.js
  • estrangela-cal.esm.js - ES6 module version, suitable for bundling with other libraries and applications

The package could also be downloaded directly from:

More information

Note: Eastern Estrangela font has no support for standalone i and u vowels, without supporting y or w respectively. toCal conversion may not have those vowels, even if the word had them originally. E.g. u in metul, words imported from Greek like Caesarea, etc.

Peshitta App

Estrangela Font Encoding Chart

Estrangela ASCII font


For CAL to Estrangela conversion see: cal-estrangela




The final goal for this work is to learn the Word of God as recorded by Peshitta. You are welcomed to improve this implementation or provide feedback. Please feel free to Fork, create a Pull Request or submit Issues. Thank you!


npm install
npm run build

API Reference

estrangelaCal.mapper : Mapper

Aramaic mapper

Kind: static constant of estrangelaCal

estrangelaCal.toCal ⇒ string

Convert from Estrangela ASCII font to CAL coding

Kind: static constant of estrangelaCal
Returns: string - the input word converted to CAL code

wordstringinput word in Estrangela ASCII font
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