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var euroBanknoteSerialnumber = require("euro-banknote-serialnumber")

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euro-banknote-serialnumber v0.1.1

verify a euro banknote serial number

Euro banknote serialnumber


This module will verify/validate that a given serial number is a valid Euro banknote serial number.

The list of allowed country codes (and corresponding checksum digits) can be found in this wikipedia page.

I converted this to javascript from an old C assignment I did at university, see /old_c/checksum.c.


To use in a node application:

npm install euro-banknote-serialnumber

To use as a cli tool

npm install -g euro-banknote-serialnumber


In a node application:

const euroBanknoteSN = require("euro-banknote-serialnumber")

const check1 = euroBanknoteSN.verify("L25388049086")
// check1 === false (it's invalid)

const check2 = euroBanknoteSN.verify("X30284111711")
// check2 === true (it's a valid series 1 banknote serial number)

const check3 = euroBanknoteSN.verify("NA4532489209")
// check3 === true (it's a valid series 2 banknote serial number)

As a cli tool:

euro-banknote-serialnumber --help
euro-banknote-serialnumber -h
# outputs help about the command

euro-banknote-serialnumber --verify L25388049086
# outputs 'invalid' and return code is 1 (so you can use it in pipes)

euro-banknote-serialnumber --verify X30284111711
# outputs 'valid: X30284111711' and return code 0 (so you can use it in pipes)

euro-banknote-serialnumber --verify NA4532489209
# outputs 'valid: NA4532489209' and return code 0 (so you can use it in pipes)



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