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var evolv = require("evolv")

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evolv v0.1.5

Apply new versions of your project instance


Apply new versions of your project instance

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With npm:

npm install evolv

How to use


Evolv is used to apply nodejs scripts updates in your project. When you deploy in a production server you have to apply database modifications, change folders structure, etc. Evolv executes version by version script to update your server instance to the last production version.

Apply versions

Require and use Evolv in your project:

var evolv = require('evolv');

evolv({}, '0.0.0', function(actualVersion, newVersion) {
  // callback

The first parameter lets you set options:

  • path (default: './version'): Set the path where your tasks are stacked.
  • silent (default: false): If you don't want to see all console.log from Evolv

The second parameter lets you start the script from a predefined version. By default it re-apply all versions.

The third parameter is the callback function. It gives you the predefined version given at first and the most recent version applied by Evolv.

Create version tasks

In your versions directory, you have to make one folder by MAJOR.MINOR version. On the inside, you have to create a version-MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.js file with your task.


+-- version
    +-- 0.1
        +-- version-0.1.0.js
        +-- version-0.1.1.js
    +-- 0.2
        +-- version-0.2.10-my-feature.js

A task file works like a true NodeJS module. It's required like any other module but passing arguments:

'use strict';

module.exports = function(actualVersion, fileVersion, done) {

  // Do your evolve job here then call done()

  • actualVersion: The predefined version sent at first.
  • fileVersion: The version of the actual task file.
  • done: The callback function to call at the end.


To contribute to the project, read the Contribution guidelines. After that, you can create your own Pull Requests (PR) and submit them here.

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