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var evrythngMqtt = require("evrythng-mqtt")

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evrythng-mqtt v1.1.0

Evrythng.js MQTT plugin for MQTT real-time communication with EVRYTHNG API

EVRYTHNG-MQTT.JS (plugin for EVT.js)

evrythng-mqtt.js is an extension plugin to be used with evrythng.js or evrythng-extended.js JS libraries.

It adds MQTT support to any resource, allowing to publish, subscribe and unsubscribe to the resource's topics easily.

evrythng-mqtt.js is only available for Node.js as a NPM package. For browsers, consider using evrythng-ws.js.



npm install evrythng-mqtt --save


var EVT = require('evrythng-extended'),
  mqtt = require('evrythng-mqtt');




Use specific settings (below are defaults)

  apiUrl: 'mqtts://',
  reconnectPeriod: 1000,
  keepAlive: 50,
  clientIdPrefix: 'evtjs'

Authenticate as an Operator and read a Thng object:

var operator = new EVT.Operator(OPERATOR_API_KEY);
var thngResource = operator.thng('{thngId}');

Subscribe to property updates of a particular Thng:{

Publish property updates:'key').publish(value);

Create an action:


Update a Thng:

  name: 'My new cool name'

Unsubscribe to a subscribed topic:;


Check all the available subscriptions on the EVRYTHNG Pubsub documentation.

Source Maps

Source Maps are available, which means that when using the minified version, if you open Developer Tools (Chrome, Safari, Firefox), .map files will be downloaded to help you debug code using the original uncompressed version of the library.

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evrythng.js is the core version of evrythng.js intended to be used in public applications and/or devices.


evrythng-extended.js is an extended version of evrythng.js which includes Operator access to the API.


Apache 2.0 License, check LICENSE.txt

Copyright (c) EVRYTHNG Ltd.

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