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require("react-native/package.json"); // react-native is a peer dependency. var expoMultipleMediaImagepicker = require("expo-multiple-media-imagepicker")

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expo-multiple-media-imagepicker v1.2.1

Multiple image selecting package for React Native using Expo MediaLibrary.

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Multiple image selecting package for React Native using Expo MediaLibrary.


  • Pick multiple images
  • Displays the selected image counter on picking images
  • Get Asset Information when after pick images.



  1. Install the repository
    $ npm install --save expo-multiple-media-imagepicker
    $ yarn add expo-multiple-media-imagepicker
  2. Add an import to the top of your file
    import { ImageBrowser } from 'expo-multiple-media-imagepicker';
  3. Declare the component in the render method.
        max={101} // Maximum number of pickable image. default is None
        headerCloseText={'キャンセル'} // Close button text on header. default is 'Close'.
        headerDoneText={'  完了'} // Done button text on header. default is 'Done'.
        headerButtonColor={'#E31676'} // Button color on header.
        headerSelectText={'枚の画像を選択中'} // Word when picking.  default is 'n selected'.
        mediaSubtype={'screenshot'} // Only iOS, Filter by MediaSubtype. default is display all.
        badgeColor={'#E31676'} // Badge color when picking.
        emptyText={'選択できる画像がありません'} // Empty Text
        callback={this.imageBrowserCallback} // Callback functinon on press Done or Cancel Button. Argument is Asset Infomartion of the picked images wrapping by the Promise. />
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