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var expressRedisLimitReq = require("express-redis-limit-req")

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express-redis-limit-req v1.0.4

Basic rate-limiting middleware for Express. Use to limit repeated requests to public APIs and/or endpoints.

Express Redis Rate Limit

Basic rate-limiting middleware for Express using Redis. Use to limit repeated requests to public APIs and/or endpoints.


$ npm install express-redis-limit-req


const RateLimit = require("express-redis-limit-req");
const limiter = RateLimit({
  redisURL: "redis://", // redis connection url
  expiration: 3600, // 1 hour
  max: 10, // limit each IP to 10 requests per expiration
  message: "Too many requests.", // Message that should be sent back to the user, Default is Too many request
  statusCode: 429, // Status code to be returned. Default is 429
  whiteList: [,] // Whitelist IP address for unlimited requests

// apply to all requests


  • redisURL: Redis connection URL
  • expiration: second - how long each rate limiting IP address exists for
  • max: Max number of connections during expiration before sending a 429 response.
  • message: Error message sent to user when max is exceeded. Defaults to 'Too many requests.'
  • statusCode: HTTP status code returned when max is exceeded. Defaults to 429.
  • whiteList: WhiteList some specified IP address for unlimited requests.


MIT © Olohundare Nasirudeen

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