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var ffmpegOnProgress = require("ffmpeg-on-progress")

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ffmpeg-on-progress v1.0.0

Utility for robustly reporting progress with fluent-ffmpeg.


Utility for robustly reporting ffmpeg command progress with fluent-ffmpeg.

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Some ffmpeg commands aren't capable fo producing progress events, such as when the input is a stream or when using multiple inputs. This simple utility allows you to accurately report progress in these cases by looking at the number of frames ffmpeg has processed with the caveat that you need to know the expected output's duration ahead of time.

In cases where fluent-ffmpeg produces a valid progress event, this module is a noop.


npm install --save ffmpeg-on-progress
# or
yarn add ffmpeg-on-progress


const ffmpeg = require('fluent-ffmpeg')
const ffmpegOnProgress = require('ffmpeg-on-progress')

const logProgress = (progress, event) => {
  // progress is a floating point number from 0 to 1
  console.log('progress', (progress * 100).toFixed())

// estimated duration of output in milliseconds
const durationEstimate = 4000

const cmd = ffmpeg('input.avi')
  .on('progress', ffmpegOnProgress(logProgress, durationEstimate))



MIT © Travis Fischer


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