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var findOrCreate = require("find-or-create")

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find-or-create v2.0.0

Moongose find or create schema plugin

FindOrCreate v2.0 for Mongoose

Extend the mongoose schemas with a findOrCreate() plugin. Essentially, if a document is not found, will be atomically created or (if specified) updated

Install it with:

npm i find-or-create


yourSchema.statics.findOrCreate = require("find-or-create");
YourModel = mongoose.model("yourSchema", yourSchema);

YourModel.findOrCreate({_id: myID}, {apples: 2}, (err, result) => {
    if (err) return console.error(err);
    console.log(result.doc); // the document itself
    console.log(result.isNew); // if the document has just been created

Example upserting the document and using the promise return:

Model.findOrCreate({_id: myID, apples: 2}, {apples: 5}, {upsert: true})
.then((result) => {


As of Mongoose v5, to use this module you need to set the global option useFindAndModify to false, otherwise a warning will be logged.


mongoose.connect(uri, { useFindAndModify: false });

Upgrading to Mongoose 5:

The latest v2.0 of this plugin is compatible with Mongoose 5.x. If you need retro-compatibility with Mongoose 4.x, please install the version 1.1 of this module.


MongooseModel.findOrCreate(query, doc, [options, callback]);

If you don't specify a callback, it will be returned a promise.

  • doc is the document that will be inserted if the document based on your query is not found, otherwise the record will be updated with the new document (if upsert is enabled).

  • options is an optional object that will be passed to the underlying mongoose 'findOrCreate' method.

    You can find the possible options here:

    Set {upsert: true} to update the document when it already exists, otherwhise it will be only inserted when not found

Test with

npm test




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