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var fixNvmUpdate = require("fix-nvm-update")

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fix-nvm-update v2.0.4

Migrating global npm packages to new Node.js version (nvm only)


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NPM version

fix-nvm-update quickly move all global npm packages from old Node version to new (only for versions, installed via NVM), without reinstalling.


You need a node version >=6.0.0.
Install fix-nvm-update localy or global, and set your current version of Node:

$ fix-nvm-update set last v6.6.0

Check your nvm nodes directory (~/.nvm/versions/node by default):

$ fix-nvm-update get

If needed, change it:

$ fix-nvm-update set nodes /home/user/.nvm/versions/node

After installing new Node version just run fix-nvm-update with this new version:

$ nvm install v6.7.0
$ ../src/fix-nvm-update.js v6.7.0

It's not a problem if fix-nvm-update installed globaly and move itself with other global packages. In this case your need run fix-nvm-update from old Node version (because new version has not global packages yet):

$ nvm install v6.7.0
$ nvm use v6.6.0
$ fix-nvm-update v6.7.0
$ nvm use v6.7.0

Now all global packages are in v6.7.0 (includes fix-nvm-update).

This will show usage and version:

$ fix-nvm-update help


NVM offers a official way of updating: Migrating global packages while installing.

$ nvm install v6.7.0 --reinstall-packages-from=v6.6.0

It works, but this solution has a problems:

  • all packages reinstalled -- it's take a long time
  • all packages reinstalled -- so they lose their internal "state" (but may be this is correct behaviour and packages should not have some state)
  • old packages do not deleted, but they could weight more then 100 Mb
  • old bin links do not deleted (but there is no real problem with that)

But simple moving packages to new Node version directory works very quickly. fix-nvm-update does it carefully with full logging (in stdout).


Let current directory is the path of Node versions, old -- your old Node version, and new -- the new one. Then fix-nvm-update just run commands:

$ mkdir tmp

$ mv old/lib/node_modules/* tmp
$ mv tmp/npm old/lib/node_modules
$ mv tmp/* new/lib/node_modules

$ mv old/bin/* tmp
$ mv tmp/npm tmp/node nodes/old/bin
$ mv tmp/* new/bin

$ rmdir tmp

So, npm package, and bin links to npm and node do not moving.


30 tests via Mocha:

$ npm install
$ npm test




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