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var flavorMarked = require("flavor-marked")

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flavor-marked v0.4.0

wacky but Flavorful Markdown

Flavor Marked

wacky but Flavorful Markdown


npm install flavor-marked


const flavorMarked = require('flavor-marked')
flavorMarked.marked.setOptions({ /* options */ })    // tweak before conversion

flavorMarked('# Markdown')            // => string, html
flavorMarked.process('# Markdown')    // => object, {meta, bubbles, html}



Type: string Markdown string to be compiled


Type: 'string' Compiled html

throws Error if something bad happens



Type: string Markdown string to be compiled


Type: 'object', contains three fields:

  • html: string, compiled html
  • meta: object, embedded meta-data
  • bubbles: Array, bubbles that should be put in

throws Error if something bad happens


Underlying marked module, you can tweak it before conversion

flavor-marked Syntax

Flavorful Markdown = GFM + Meta-data + Mixin/Sugar + Bubbles


See Github Flavored Markdown

Meta-data: valid YAML document

tab(\t) is not allowed

    author: wacky6,
    date:   2016-01-01


<span> Tag sugar

[text](<@color:red>) => <span style="color:red;">red text</span>


Mix html attributes into converted markdown, you can use mixins for both block and inline tags.

   .package                // -> class="package"
   #flavor-markdown        // -> id="flavor-markdown"
   @opacity: .1            // -> style="opacity: .1;"
   $text: 'flavors'        // -> data-text="flavors"
   ^as-is: as-is           // -> as-is="as-is"
>)Too many flavors!

Internally, recognizes mixins using /\s+(?=\.[-_A-Za-z])|\s+(?=[#@$^])/g (space followed by special chars)
Numeric expression like .1s is properly handled.

Three mixin styles are encouraged, choose whichever comforts your eyes:

/* Compact, single space, no space in attr */
[](< .class #id @color:red >)

/* Relaxed, triple spaces, space in attr */
[](< .class   #id   @color: red >)

/* Object, multiple lines, as shown above */


When embedding <style>, <link> in markdown, they will presend in bubbles Array.
Intended for further processing.

Syntax Highlight

highlight.js is built-in Remember to include their stylesheet: highlight.js stylesheets

How it works

flavor-marked is NOT written as a formal parser. It simply uses RegExps to transform texts. So, in theory, there should be some edge-cases when flavor-marked produces incorrect documents. If you encountered one in practise, please open an issue.

Internally, converts mixins to HTML comments <!-- -->, they are preserved by marked during conversion. After conversion, transform these comments to the following html tag's attributes.

If you have any cool ideas about mixins, feel free to implement and PR them.


MIT License, See LICENSE for details

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