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var fmeCalendar = require("fme-calendar")

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fme-calendar v2.1.4

This is the calendar service for xronos


This is the calendar part of the Xronos package - a time aware financial database

Code Example

import { Log } from "fme-logger";
var L = new Log("Test Calendar");
import * as mongo from "mongodb";

import { CalendarDay } from "xronos-calendar";

var mongoURL = 'mongodb://localhost:27017/xronos'

mongo.MongoClient.connect(mongoURL, async (err, db) => {"database connected:",mongoURL);
    var dayGenerator = new CalendarDay(db);
    var rtn = await dayGenerator.create.init();
    var day = await dayGenerator.create.generate(new Date());


The package generates a holdiay database from 1980 to 2040, from there passed a date it creates a day object that includes elections and holidays and options expiration information.


npm install --save xronos-calendar

API Reference

export class Day {
    _id?: string;
    timestamp: Date;
    YYYYMMDD: string;
    month: number;
    year: number;
    dow: number;
    doy: number;
    doq: number;
    woy: number;
    quarter: number;
    politics: Politics;
    holidays : HolidayDay[];
    constructor() {


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