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fontpath lists no main file and has no index.js, so it can't be directly required. If this is a mistake, please let us know. It may however contain internal files that you can require manually:

// require("fontpath/[??]")

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fontpath v0.0.6

Generates path and kerning info from a font



A tool which generates paths and kerning data from a TTF/OTF/WOFF/etc font. The paths can then be decomposed into points, or rendered to a canvas, or triangulated.

The project is similar to typeface.js and cufon. Both of those tools are very old, and were made before @font-face gained widespread support. This project has a few different goals in mind:

  • Stronger focus on WebGL/animations/effects rather than trying to replace DOM text rendering
  • NPM/node tooling, eventual integration with build tools
  • decoupled modules, e.g. outline generator doesn't depend on rendering utils, glyph layout doesn't depend on canvas rendering
  • rendering engine isn't tied to Canvas (or even the browser; e.g. you could use node-canvas)
  • eventually, these tools could be used by a server to generate paths or hinted bitmap data for the client
  • TTF, OTF, WOFF, and most other formats supported (FreeType2)
  • font converter is an offline tool and fairly easy to modify (i.e. for a custom JSON/binary exporter)
  • you can specify any charsets with the API (e.g. foreign and icon fonts)
  • other stuff: hit detection on paths, advanced glyph/face metrics


fontpath myfont.ttf -o mfont.json --size 128

The default size is 12 pt, but exporting with a higher font size will give you better resolution when rendering the path at large sizes. It's best to match the exported size to the final rendered size, as it will produce better rounding when scaled down.


This project is a heavy WIP. Some things I want to explore:

  • Bitmap font rendering and atlas packing for Canvas/WebGL
  • Basic support for styled/attributed text (italics, bold, color, etc)
  • Maybe some tools for SDF rendering
  • Better Node/CLI integration



The framework is split into many small modules. Some of them aren't specific to fontpath, but are useful alongside it. You generally won't need to use all of them together; but instead, you'll pick and choose based on your particular application.

Most commonly, you might want to use a "renderer" which gives you a basic word-wrapper and glyph layout tools.

Some other utilities that make up the ecosystem:

  • fontpath-simple-renderer a generic renderer, useful if you need something more optimized
  • fontpath-wordwrap a basic word wrapper that supports pre and nowrap (for parity with CSS)
  • fontpath-util - point to pixel utilities
  • shape2d - Converts bezier/quadratic curves into points, with HTML5CanvasContext-like API
  • shape2d-triangulate - triangulates a list of Shapes from shape2d, ideal for triangulating fontpath glyphs. uses poly2tri
  • fontpath-shape2d - decomposes a fontpath JSON/JS glyph into points with shape2d
  • fontpath-test-fonts - some fonts that have already been exported to JSON, so you can easily pull them in with NPM
  • fontpath-vecmath - vector/matrix utilities for font and glyph faces, built on vecmath
  • point-util - used by shape2d-triangulate, but includes a couple of handy features like pointInPoly



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