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var fsWritefilePromise = require("fs-writefile-promise")

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fs-writefile-promise v3.0.2

Promise version of fs.writefile

fs.writeFile Promise

License version Build Status

Promise version of fs.writeFile:
Asynchronously writes data to a file, replacing the file if it already exists.


npm install fs-writefile-promise


### write(filename, data [, options])
  • filename: String
  • data String or Buffer
  • options: Object

Return: Object (Promise)

When it finishes, it will be fulfilled with the file name that was written to.

When it fails, it will be rejected with an error as its first argument.

write('/tmp/foo', 'bar')
  .then(filename => console.log(filename)) //=> '/tmp/foo'
  .catch(err => console.error(err))


The option object will be directly passed to fs.writeFile.

Author: Ahmad Nassri • Github: @ahmadnassri • Twitter: @AhmadNassri

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