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var funkLib = require("funk-lib")

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funk-lib v0.15.2

FP for Vanilla JavaScript


ci npm module

FP for Vanilla JavaScript

funk-lib is a collection of functions for working with native JavaScript types in a consistent, functional way. It is heavily inspired by Ramda, but does not duplicate Ramda's functionality.

For a full list of functions see the Documentation For The Latest Release


Pure functions

Mostly. There are a few documented exceptions


All functions are curried, and arguments are arranged "data last" for useful partial application


Packages are available for both


npm i -P funk-lib
# or: es-module compatible build
npm i -P funk-lib-es


const { mapKeys } = require('funk-lib/object');
// or: es-module compatible build
import { mapKeys } from 'funk-lib-es/object';



$ npm run <command>

buildTranspile source
coverRun test coverage
initRe/Install deps
init:hardinit with a fresh package-lock
docsParse docs to JSON
lintLint the source
testRun tests
test:watchRun tests on change
verifyVerify linting, tests, coverage


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