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var fxosapp = require("fxosapp")

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fxosapp v0.0.1-1

Build tool for Firefox OS Apps


fxosapp is a Firefox OS App build tool.


npm install -g fxosapp

Push to Device

If you want to use the push to device feature with fxosapp push, you need adb and xpcshell in your path and Remote Debugging enabled on your device.


Usage: fxosapp <action> [options]

Known actions:

    package [file]      Create app package zip as [file]. The default is
    push                Push to device.
    copy [path]         Copy app files to [path]. The default is /dist/hosted.

Known options:

    -p [path]           The path to use as project directory, instead of the
    --path [path]       current working directory.

Usage Programmatically


App = require 'fxosapp'
app = new App()

The App constructor takes an optional path to the directory containing the manifest.webapp.

app = new App '/tmp/testproject/'


The App extends EventEmitter and emits the following events:


If there is an error, this event will be emitted together with an Error object.


If a manifest.webapp file was loaded, this event will be emitted.


If an app was successfully packaged as a zip file, this event will be emitted.


If an app was successfully pushed to a phone, this event will be emitted.


If an app was successfully copied to another path, this event will be emitted.

Finding the Manifest

It is possible to search the directory tree upwards (i.e. all parent directories) for a manifest.webapp by calling findManifest.

file = app.findManifest()

findManifest will return null if it could not find a manifest file.

Loading the Manifest

The manifest file needs to be loaded explicitely by calling loadManifest. If the manifest has been loaded the manifest event will be emitted.

path = app.findManifest()
app.loadManifest path
app.on 'manifest', ->
    console.log 'manifest loaded!'


The package method will package the app as zip file. It optionally takes an filepath to store the zip to.

app.on 'manifest', ->
    app.on 'packaged', ->
        console.log 'app packaged!'


The push method will package the app and push it to a connected device. It optionally takes an filepath to store the zip to.

app.on 'manifest', ->
    app.on 'pushed', ->
        console.log 'app pushed!'


The copy method will copy the project files to another directory (for distribution as hosted app). It optionally takes an filepath to copy the files to.

app.on 'manifest', ->
    app.copy '/tmp/hosted'
    app.on 'copied', ->
        console.log 'app copied!'


MPL see LICENSE file.

The /bin/install.js file was taken from make-fxos-install and also published under MPL, as discussed here.


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