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// require("generator-channelape/[??]")

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generator-channelape v0.2.3

Scaffold Node TypeScript Web Application to accept webhooks from ChannelApe.


Scaffold Node TypeScript Web Application to accept webhooks from ChannelApe.


$ npm install --global yo generator-channelape


With yo:

$ yo channelape

The following is an example of an advanced command:

$ yo channelape api-key-123 --open --staging --channelape

It will:

  1. Create a new repository and base project in your current directory.
  2. Put api-key-123 in your .env and .env.example files
  3. Open the current directory in VSCode.
  4. Prepare your .env and .env.example files for use with the ChannelApe staging environment
  5. Prepare your package authorship to be ChannelApe with your current git name and email set as a contributor.
  6. Install NPM dependencies in the newly generated project.

There are multiple command-line options available:

$ yo channelape --help

  yo channelape:app [options] [<channelApeApiKey>]

  -h,    --help          # Print the generator's options and usage
         --skip-cache    # Do not remember prompt answers                                                  Default: false
         --skip-install  # Do not automatically install dependencies                                       Default: false
  -ca,   --channelape    # This is a private module owned by ChannelApe
  -o,    --open          # Open the repository in VSCode
  -s,    --staging       # Prep the environment variables for use with the ChannelApe staging environment

  channelApeApiKey  # The key used to access the ChannelApe API  Type: String  Required: false

The --org option takes a string value (i.e. --org=avajs). All others are boolean flags and can be negated with the no prefix (i.e. --no-codecov). You will be prompted for any options not passed on the command-line.

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