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var gitCommiters = require("git-commiters")

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git-commiters v0.1.1

Statistical summary of various infomation about git commiter.

git-commiters npm

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A Node.js function module providing committers stats for your git repository.

Statistical summary of various infomation about git committer.

  • list of the committers
  • count of the committers
  • count of commits via committers
  • count of insertions via committers
  • count of deletions via committers


var gitCommiters = require('git-commiters');

gitCommiters('.', function(err, result){
  if (err)


gitCommiters = require('git-commiters')
  • gitCommiters(options, callback): asynchronous get the stats infomation of the git committers
    • options (String|Object): the git's working directory if it's string.
      • cwd (String): the git's working directory.
      • gitDir (String): the git directory(.git).
      • revisionRange (String): Show only commits in the specified revision range. It defaults to HEAD. You can specify a branch too. More details to see gitrevisions
      • path (String): list commiters only for the specified path(file). defaults to all.



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