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var gitRepoInfo = require("git-repo-info")

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git-repo-info v2.1.0

Retrieve current sha and branch name from a git repo.


Retrieves repo information without relying on the git command.


var getRepoInfo = require('git-repo-info');

var info = getRepoInfo();

info.branch               // current branch
info.sha                  // current sha
info.abbreviatedSha       // first 10 chars of the current sha
info.tag                  // tag for the current sha (or `null` if no tag exists)
info.lastTag              // tag for the closest tagged ancestor
                          //   (or `null` if no ancestor is tagged)
info.commitsSinceLastTag  // number of commits since the closest tagged ancestor
                          //   (`0` if this commit is tagged, or `Infinity` if no ancestor is tagged)
info.committer            // committer for the current sha
info.committerDate        // commit date for the current sha               // author for the current sha
info.authorDate           // authored date for the current sha
info.commitMessage        // commit message for the current sha
info.root                 // root directory for the Git repo or submodule
                          //   (if in a worktree, this is the directory containing the original copy)
info.commonGitDir         // directory containing Git metadata for this repo or submodule
                          //   (if in a worktree, this is the primary Git directory for the repo)
info.worktreeGitDir       // if in a worktree, the directory containing Git metadata specific to
                          //   this worktree; otherwise, this is the same as `commonGitDir`.

When called without any arguments, git-repo-info will automatically lookup upwards into parent directories to find the first match with a .git folder.

If passed an argument, it will be assumed to be the path to the repo's .git folder to inspect.

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