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var gitc = require("gitc")

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gitc v1.3.0

Manage your pull requests and issues from your command line.


A simple command-line tool to create issues and pull requests easily.



  • Github
  • Gitlab


  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Windows

Node version:

  • = 4


yarn add gitc --global
npm install --global gitc


Pull Requests

Go to your current branch's PR

$ gitc pull

Create a new pull request using your current branch and master

$ gitc pull --create
$ gitc pull -c

Create a new pull request using a different base branch

$ gitc pull -c --base production

Go to a specific pull request:

$ gitc pull 123


Read the issues:

$ gitc issue

Go to a specific issue:

$ gitc issue 123
$ gitc i 123

Create an issue:

$ gitc i -c

$ gitc issue -c -t Your title here -b Your description


If you want to use a different remote, usually "origin", you can pass the -r or --remote option:

$ gitc pull --create --remote my-other-remote

gitc uses your .git/config file to read your project's git configuration.


$ gitc --help

  Usage: gitc [options] [command]


    -h, --help  output usage information


    pull|p [options] [number]
    issue|i [options] [number]
$ gitc pull --help

  Usage: pull|p [options] [number]


    -c, --create [branch]  Branch you want to open the pull request
    -b, --base [branch]    Your base branch, usally the branch that will receive the changes (default: master)
    -r, --remote [remote]  Your remote configuration, usally "origin" (default: origin)
    -h, --help             output usage information
$ gitc issue --help

  Usage: issue|i [options] [number]


    -c, --create
    -t, --title [title]       Your issue's title. (default: )
    -b, --body [description]  Your issue's description. (default: )
    -r, --remote [remote]     Your remote configuration, usally "origin" (default: origin)
    -h, --help                output usage information



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