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var githubCloneAll = require("github-clone-all")

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github-clone-all v2.1.0

Clone all your Github repositories, including private ones.



Clones all of your Github repositories, including private repositories. Currently limited to 100 repositories (max for one request), feel free to send a PR to support more.

Table of contents


This module is available on npm.

$ npm install -g github-clone-all

This package requires curl to run on your system!


An access token and an username are required. All repositories will be cloned into the current working directory if not specified otherwise.

$ github-clone-all --access-token YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN --username USERNAME


Usage: github-clone-all [options] [destination]


    --help                    output usage information
    --version                 output the version number
    --access-token <token>    personal github access token (required)
    --username <user>         Github username (required)
    --ignore-forks            ignore forked repositories
    --ignore <repos>          comma seperated list of repositories to ignore
    --max-concurrency <num>   max concurrent clone processes (default: 5)
    --overwrite               overwrite previously downloaded repositories


Your Github personal access token. Can be acquired in your Github settings. You need at least the repo scope to use it with this package.


Your Github username.


Ignore all forks.


Comma seperated list of repositories to ignore.


By default up to five repositories will be cloned concurrently. Can be adjusted it with this option.


Overwrite existing repository archives.


MIT © Lars Graubner

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