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// require("gitmoji-cli/[??]")

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gitmoji-cli v3.2.6

A gitmoji client for using emojis on commit messages.


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A gitmoji interactive client for using gitmojis on commit messages.


This project provides an easy solution for using gitmoji from your command line. Gitmoji-cli solves the hassle of searching through the gitmoji list. Includes a bunch of options you can play with! :tada:


$ npm i -g gitmoji-cli


$ gitmoji --help
A gitmoji interactive client for using gitmojis on commit messages.

    $ gitmoji
    --init, -i      Initialize gitmoji as a commit hook
    --remove, -r    Remove a previously initialized commit hook
    --config, -g    Setup gitmoji-cli preferences.
    --commit, -c    Interactively commit using the prompts
    --list, -l      List all the available gitmojis
    --search, -s    Search gitmojis
    --version, -v   Print gitmoji-cli installed version
    --update, -u    Sync emoji list with the repo


You can use the commit functionality in two ways, directly or via a commit-hook.


Start the interactive commit client, to auto generate your commit based on your prompts.

$ gitmoji -c


Run the init option, add your changes and commit them, after that the prompts will begin and your commit message will be built.

$ gitmoji -i
$ git add .
$ git commit

⚠️ The hook should not be used with the gitmoji -c command.

gitmoji commit


Search using specific keywords to find the right gitmoji.

$ gitmoji bug linter -s

gitmoji list


Pretty print all the available gitmojis.

$ gitmoji -l

gitmoji list


Update the gitmojis list, by default the first time you run gitmoji, the cli creates a cache to allow using this tool without internet connection.

$ gitmoji -u


Run gitmoji -g to setup some gitmoji-cli preferences, such as the auto git add . feature.

gitmoji config

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