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var gladejs = require("gladejs")

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gladejs v0.4.3

Helping Marko to Roll Uphill, Pass the CaScadeS and reach the GladeJS at 11' for Tea (it's a static site generator)

GladeJS Logo

Helping Marko to Roll Uphill, Pass the CaScadeS and reach the GladeJS at 11' for Tea.

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GladeJS is a simple Rollup setup for bundling static Web Sites built with Eleventy and Marko.

If the above description does not speak to you, try one of these for size :

  • This is a Jamstack static site generator framework based on Rollup
  • It transforms your "pages" into a modern web "_site" ready for Prod
  • It is the best bundler (you're not using) combined with the simplest
    SSG (you wish to use) and the fastest UI lib (you've never heard of)
  • In the end, it is nothing more than a well documented Rollup config file

This project requires NodeJS v10.16 or superior and the included "npm" CLI v6.9.0 or superior.
It is tested on the latest versions of NodeJS v10 / v12 / v14 on MacOS, Ubuntu and Windows.


Automatic (not ready yet)

An automated & interactive "@gladejs/create" package is planned for the v0.5 release.
It will allow for a simple "npm init @gladejs MyWebSite" installation, but not yet.

Manual (in 4 easy steps)

  1. Create a new NodeJS project & install GladeJS as a "devDependency" :
$ mkdir MyWebSite && cd MyWebSite
$ npm init -y && npm i -D gladejs
  1. Copy the GladeJS Rollup configuration file into your project folder :
$ npx shx cp node_modules/gladejs/rollup.config.js .
  1. Replace the "scripts" config section in your "package.json" with :
"scripts": {
    "start": "rollup -c --watch",
    "clean": "rimraf build _site bundle_stats.html",
    "build": "rollup -c --environment NODE_ENV:production"
  1. Copy the GladeJS documentation pages to start building right away :
$ npx shx cp -R node_modules/gladejs/pages .


Command Scripts

GladeJS is directly controlled via NPM scripts, using the following commands :

  • "npm start" to run Rollup in 'watch' mode for live development
  • "npm run build" to bundle your project for production delivery
  • "npm run clean" to delete all files & folders created by GladeJS

Rollup Configuration

A single "rollup.config.js" file is used to configure your build process.
If you are not a NodeJS and/or Rollup guru, fret not, the defaults are just fine.
Nevertheless, give it a quick glance, it's relatively organised and documented.

Pages & Components

The GladeJS homepage is under construction and will provide detailed documentation & guidelines for the project.
In the meantime, just let a floating possum guide you around Eleventy and as always RTFMD (Read The Fabulous Marko Docs).


While still in early development, you are welcome to consult the file and the "Open Issues Status" project board.


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