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var glouton = require("glouton")

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glouton v1.0.0

Like Promise.all but with retry and rate limit


Ever wanted to send a lot of requests concurrently to an API but got bothered with API limits ? Or failing requests ?

Example with fetch

import glouton from 'glouton';

const fetchNoLimit = glouton(fetch, {

  concurrency: 400, // 400 requests at a time

  validateResponse: r => {

    // if limit has been reached, we wait 1 second
    if (!r.ok && r.headers.get('x-ratelimit') === 0) {
      return 1000;
    // if request has failed, we'll try again later
    if (!r.ok) {
      return 0;

    // everything is ok, we shall proceed
    return true;


[/* some ids */].forEach(() => {
  .then((r) => {
    console.log("Here's my response!", r);
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