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This is a playground to test code. It runs a full Node.js environment and already has all of npm’s 400,000 packages pre-installed, including gql2hx with all npm packages installed. Try it out:

var gql2hx = require("gql2hx")

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gql2hx v0.0.23

Convert GraphQL schema to Haxe definitions

gql2hx - GraphQL to Haxe CLI

Convert GraphQL schema to Haxe definitions. Try it live in your browser!

Status: alpha


  Usage: gql2hx -i <file> [-o <outfile>]

    -i, --infile [infile]      Input .graphql file (or "stdin") (default: null)
    -o, --outfile [outfile]    Output .hx file (or "stdout") (default: stdout)

Coming soon: generate typedefs or classess & interfaces.

Development sponsored by:

Release notes:

0.0.23 - Updated to graphql-js v14.3.0, block string support thanks to 0.0.22 - Improved error reporting / issue #35
0.0.21 - Added support for graphql 'extend type' / issue #33
0.0.20 - Added union .as__T cast helper functions
0.0.19 - Fixed fragment definition order should not matter / issue #31
0.0.18 - Implemented validation of directive parameters / issue #25
0.0.17 - Fixed cannot select from union types / issue #30
0.0.16 - Fixed inner array types / issue #27
0.0.15 - Implemented fragment support and interface checking /w covariance
0.0.14 - Fixed query result array types / issue #23
0.0.13 - Mutation support enabled / issue #20
0.0.12 - Enums now generate @:enum abstract(String) / issue #22
0.0.11 - Removed typedef 'extension' notion for interfaces - see fa538e5
0.0.10 - Added -p option for --parse-only
0.0.9 - Generate query vars type (also renamed prefixes/suffixes)
0.0.8 - README updates
0.0.7 - Support typing queries (expected query results)


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