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require("amqplib/package.json"); // amqplib is a peer dependency. require("graphql/package.json"); // graphql is a peer dependency. var graphqlAmqpSubscriptions = require("graphql-amqp-subscriptions")

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graphql-amqp-subscriptions v1.1.1

GraphQL AMQP Subscriptions


This package implements the PubSubEngine Interface from the graphql-subscriptions package. It allows you to connect your subscriptions manager to a AMQP PubSub mechanism.

This package is influenced by graphql-redis-subscriptions and graphql-rabbitmq-subscriptions.

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Basic usage

import { AMQPPubSub } from 'graphql-amqp-subscriptions';
import amqp from 'amqplib';

.then(conn => {
  const pubsub = new AMQPPubSub({
    connection: conn
    /* exchange: {
       name: 'exchange',
       type: 'topic',
       options: {
         durable: false,
         autoDelete: true
     queue: {
       name: 'queue'
       options: {
         exclusive: true,
         durable: true,
         autoDelete: true
       unbindOnDispose: false;
       deleteOnDispose: false;
     } */
  // Use the pubsub instance from here on
.catch(err => {


  • Reusing existing amqplib Connection
  • Reusing channels (one for subscriptions, one for publishing)
  • Performance/Ressource-usage benefits on AMQP (RabbitMQ) because of the aforementioned reasons more info
  • Using Topic Exchange (e.g. you publish to and subscribe to more info


This package uses Debug. To show the logs run your app with the environment variable DEBUG="AMQPPubSub"


You'll need to have a local AMPQ instance such as RabbitMQ running to run tests.

If you have Docker, you can run:

docker run --hostname my-rabbit -p 5672:5672 rabbitmq:3


npm test
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