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graphql-plugins v1.1.0

Plugin-based GraphQL system

GraphQL Plugins for Zox.js

npm i zox zox-plugins graphql-plugins

Zox.js was created with one goal in mind: Making scalable systems
And this can easily be achieved using the graphql-plugins.


Easily assign resolvers to fields.

@Resolver('Post', 'author', PostTypeDefs)
export class AuthorResolver implements IResolver
    public handle(source: Post, args, context, info: GraphQLResolveInfo): User
        return users.find(u => == source.user);

Top-Level Fields

Declare top-level fields anywhere in your code.

@Query('user(id: ID!): User', UserDef)
export class UserQuery extends ResolverBase
    public resolve(root, args, context): Array<UserData>
        return users.find(u => ==;


Use Event Emitters as GraphQL Subscription endpoints that can be accessed over a Web Socket.

@Subscription('post: Post', PostTypeDefs)
export class PostSubscription extends SubscriptionEventResolverBase
    public eventNames: Array<string> = [postCreated, postUpdates, postDeleted];
    public eventEmitter: EventEmitter = eventEmitter;
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