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var gridsomePluginRemarkCodesandbox = require("gridsome-plugin-remark-codesandbox")

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gridsome-plugin-remark-codesandbox v0.4.2

This plugin will allow you to add a codesandbox embed link to your markdown files

Gridsome Plugin Remark CodeSandbox

Gridsome Plugin Remark CodeSandbox

This ia plugin for Gridsome's markdown engine Remark and it allows you to embed a CodeSandbox in your markdown files.


npm install gridsome-plugin-remark-codesandbox

How to use

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      use: '@gridsome/source-filesystem',
      options: {
        path: 'blog/**/*.md',
        route: '/blog/:year/:month/:day/:slug',
        remark: {
          plugins: [
            [ 'gridsome-plugin-remark-codesandbox']


When you want to include a CodeSandbox in your markdown file just put the embed link on its own line.

This is just a test

This is another one

This is what the result looks like

Embed CodeSandbox in Markdown

Embed Options

You can pass options to the embed as a query string parameters. If you want to know what options are available check out the documentation on CodeSandboxes website below.

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